PNP-ORAS will Open on April 3, 2017 (8:00AM) to April 28 (11:59PM), 2017.. Reminding all aspiring applicants to secure your digitized/scanned initial requirements as follows:

1. 2x2 white background colored picture with nametag (Surname, Given Name M.I.). Format: White T-Shirt (Round or Vneck is accepted) & No glasses. Digitized/Scanned picture should be in JPEG file format;

2. Transcript of Records and Diploma. Digitized/Scanned file can be in any size format (A4, Legal, Letter etc..) and should be in 1 document PDF file.. TOR&Diploma = 1 PDF file; and

3. Eligibility can be in any size format = 1 PDF file.

In the end, all applicants must have 1 jpg file and 2 pdf files.

Follow the link below:

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